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Couldn't Make it to Our Launch Party?

We had a great evening with our classic trend following fund manager panelists Jerry Parker, Moritz Seibert, Moritz Heiden and Adam Havryliv, with Richard Brennan acting as our MC. As a special bonus, renowned author and expert on the Turtles Experiment, Michael Covel dialled in from Saigon to quiz Jerry about his experience working with Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​W​a​tch ​t​he ​R​e​pl​ay​

What is the Turtles Story?

The Great Debate: Skill vs. Talent in Trading

Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt posed the age-old question: is trading a skill that can be learned, or is it an innate talent? Their answer… The Turtles Experiment of '83.

The Chosen Ones

Over a thousand candidates. An intense selection process. 13 chosen for the experiment.

A few elite Turtles nurtured from novices to shining names in global investment.

Not just a movie plot but a real success story!

You might remember 'Trading Places' with Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphy. But this? This is the real-life story of turning novice traders into elite futures traders in the '80s.

 Post-Experiment Legacy

The story didn't conclude in '88. Some of the most successful Turtles such as Jerry Parker, Liz Cheval and others went on to become some of the world’s best investment managers alive today boasting an impressive 30 plus year track record.


Bringing the Turtles Legend Down Under!

The Aussie Turtles spotlight this phenomenal strategy for Australian Investors. From riveting events to robust training programs, we’re reinvigorating the Turtles legacy in Australia. And we're not just local – we're going global, co-hosting in Europe and the US with classic trend followers.

Richard Brennan and Adam Havryliv are Co-Founders of Aussie Turtles. We have had long careers in diversified systematic trend following, and continue in the tradition of the Turtle Experiment to create awareness and inspire investors in a very robust investment technique that generates superior risk adjusted returns.

Adam is also the Founder and CIO of East Coast Capital Management (ECCM) a quantitative funds management firm based in Sydney implementing systematic trading strategies, and Richard is ECCM’s Strategy Ambassador, undertaking quantitative analysis for ECCM and working alongside Adam to market the ECCM systematic rules-based investment process.

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