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Aussie Turtles?

Adam Havryliv and Richard Brennan from East Coast Capital Management bring to you the Aussie Turtles experience. We continue in the tradition of the Turtle Experiment to create awareness and inspire investors in a very robust investment technique that generates superior risk adjusted returns.

Dive into the Legendary Turtle Trading Story now brought to Australia! If you're not familiar with the Turtles Experiment, you're in for an adventure like no other.

Richard Dennis, a trading genius, who raked in over $200 million over his trading career, locked horns with his partner, William Eckhardt. Their heated debate revolved around a fundamental question - is trading a skill that can be learned, or is it an innate talent?

Their answer? An audacious experiment!

They hatched a plan in 1983 to train novices in the art of trading for just two weeks, then armed them with a whopping $1 million each to invest.

The inspiration for this grand experiment? A visit to a turtle-breeding farm in Singapore, where Dennis declared, "We are going to raise traders like they raise turtles."

Over a thousand aspiring traders went through a selection process. The chosen Turtles were a diverse bunch, including individuals whose names would later shine brightly as successful investors in some of the world's most renowned funds. Dennis shared trend following investment rules and philosophy with the Turtles, then unleashed them into the world of trading, each armed with a million dollars of his own fortune.

When the experiment concluded in 1988, Dennis had pocketed a cool hundred million dollars.

This isn't just any story; it's the tale of applying a systematic, rule-based, price following process, utilising simple yet robust trend-following models across a vast range of markets and global asset classes.

But there's a twist! This remarkable investment process remains relatively unknown in investment circles in Australia. If you describe the Turtles story, people will think you are referring to the popular movie ‘Trading Places’ with Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphy, not a real-life story of systematic wealth generation in the 1980’s. The story doesn’t end here. After the Turtles experiment concluded in 1988, a number of the original Turtles such as Jerry Parker and Liz Cheval went on to become some of the most successful investors of modern times using core principles learnt from Richard Dennis and Bill Eckhardt.  

Aussie Turtles has been established to cast a spotlight on this incredible strategy for Australian Investors. We are planning to host a series of events and training programs across Australia, co-hosting events in Europe and the US alongside fellow Turtle Traders.

So, keep your eyes in the Aussie Turtles' events page, and get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey. We can't wait to welcome you aboard at our upcoming events!

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